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Every Chapathi is born on griddle taking you to Heaven

The ready-to-cook Chapathi is prepared with pristine quality wheat flour with optimum moisture, consistently kneaded. Open the Sapta Chapathi, heat it, and eat it. The ‘Awe’ is the blend of taste, fluffy & softness that feels so heavenly. Dip it in any Indian curry or sabji, you feel so connected with Indian-style dishes.


Poori wins all with it's awesome aroma and taste

Dazzling in hot oil, Poori is a legend in itself. When cooked, the irresistible smell draws attention and elevates hunger. The fluffy Poori when eaten with various side dishes, you just can’t stop grabbing for another one. Treat your family and large guest with Sapta ready-to-cook Poori, low on oil absorbent & great in Taste suiting all age groups and all occasions.

Rice Roti

Traditional food fusing Modernity

Rice Roti reflects the traditional rice flour baked food often laborious in its preparation. Sparing you from drudging work in the kitchen, Sapta offers you ready-to-cook Rice Roti, just heat it and enjoy the traditional food on your plate. Perfect food for a festival and cultural events. Treat your guest with Rice Roti who never heard about it, and make it memorable.

Rice Pathiri

The taste of Malabar food – Rice Pathiri

A simple and solid delicate rice flatbread formula produced using rice flour. Kerala cooking or Malabar food is celebrated for their rice-based dishes and plans which can be served for breakfast, lunch, and supper. Ari pathiri or Malabar rice pathiri is one such rice flatbread made for special occasions, events, or for dinner. It tastes incredible when presented with meat curries, yet additionally similarly tastes extraordinary with straightforward veg kurma or chutney.


Parotta rules the Oven, Hail Parotta

No more intense parotta preparation. We understand your valuable time and the urgency to try it with various irresistible dishes. Just grab a packet full of ready-to-cook Sapta Parotta prepared with the finest ingredient and enjoy the dishes with your family and friends. Every bite of Parotta feels Parotta.

Kayi Holige

What are you waiting for?! - taste it now Kaayi Holige

Traditional sweet and healthy food for good health. Have a packet of Kaayi holige. Enjoy every bite of it with your loved ones. It gives you a waaw feeling with its aromatic taste. A combination and blend of coconut, wheat flour, cardamom, and jaggery bring a mouth-watering taste.

Bele Holige

Again and again, you will fall in love with this Bele holige!

It is also known as bele obbattu in Kannada and Puran Poli in Marathi. Bele holige is also one of the traditional sweets prepared for special occasions. It is a soft, delicious Indian sweet. Celebrate your happiness; cherish special, memorable moments, and spread joy and happiness with Sapta Bele Holige.

Finger Millet Chapathi

This one is for your healthy diet - Finger millet chapathi!

Finger millet or Ragi is a great source of fiber, it is easily digestible as it is devoid of gluten. It is suggested not only for diabetic people but for all age groups. Ragi chapathi is one of the well-known choices of south Indian people either as a morning breakfast or for night dinner.

Flax seeds Chapathi

Surprise your taste buds with Sapta Flax seeds chapathi

This is also used as a food item for breakfast. We aimed to create a traditional breakfast recipe with a twist of novelty. It is tasty and has health benefits. Have Sapta flax seed chapathi, enjoy each bite of it.

Banana Halwa

Your taste buds needs it - Scrumptious Banana Halwa

Mildly sweet and chewy, this sweet dish is prepared using banana, ghee, green cardamom powder, and last but not least sugar. You will be surprised to know that this Banana Halwa does not use much sugar, as bananas are already too sweet, it is just added to enhance the flavour of the dish. You can just use jaggery powder instead of sugar for a delicious taste. You must try this dessert recipe at home, it will be loved by kids and adults alike.

Wheat Halwa

Yummy Tasty...aromatic wheat halwa makes happiness a memorable one

Sapta is introducing one more traditional sweet wheat or godhi halwa. When wheat, sugar, cardamom, and pure ghee blend together in a proportionate way, prepared systematically and garnished with cashew nut. It tastes yummy. Most people like wheat halwa.

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